Thursday, March 15, 2007

More 2004

#41, Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Edmark
#40 Sue Rutherford, Loran Judy
#39 Rick Traeger, Michelle Miller
#38 Ginny Coates
#37 Denice Bailey

More 2004 Reunion

#36 Mike Kelley
#35 Rick Newman, Mike Walker, Bob Brockman
#34 Vic Edens #33 Greg & Cindy Herman
#32 Mike Kelley, Mike Walker, David Graham

Sunday, March 11, 2007

More Reunion 2004

#31 Loran Judy, David Graham
#30 Bob Brockman,
#28 Rick Newman
#27 Loran Judy

Hawthorne School Pictures

Here are some pictures that Dennis Orren sent me from Hawthorne School. How many classmates do you recognize? You can click on each one to enlarge it. 1st Grade 4th Grade
5th Grade

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Robert Rogers

Robert sent me this picture for posting here. If you click on his name, you should be able to email him directly.
To those of us that know him, has he changed any?

I've also been sent some pictures from Dennis Orren that I'm going to be posting over the next few days. If you went to Hawthorne, keep watching.

Friday, March 09, 2007

2004 Saturday Night Get Together

#26Greg Herman-white pants, Mike Borsheim-with beard,
#25 Robin Foster-white/black shirt, Rick Traeger-red shirt
#24 Greg Herman-white pants, Mike Borsheim-with beard
#22 David Graham-white shirt, Kurt Edmark-pink shirt, Paul Root-striped shirt
#21 Jodi Morrow, Doug Carl
#20 Mike Walker, Doug Carl
#19 Mike Conatore-striped shirt, Robin Foster-white/black shirt, Rick Traeger-red shirt

Picnic Pictures 2004


Picnic Pictures 2004

#15 Ray McBee

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Spelling and Names

Please let me know if I've spelled a name wrong or anything like that as well. I'm trying to go on memory for most of this. I suppose the easy way would be to get out the year books and do this. But then I might be tempted to post some of those pictures too!

Picnic Pictures 2004

#10 Kathy Brutzman-with hat, Zana Albrecht-center, Jenney Linney-tan shirt
#8 Michelle Miller-white shirt, Cynthia Boyce-dk yellow shirt, Kim Foster-lt yellow shirt, Keith Duncan-red shirt
#7 Keith Duncan-red shirt, Michelle Miller-white shirt, Cynthia Boyce-yellow shirt

More Pictures Posted

It might be easier to just start over and add a few pictures each day. So here we go. #1 above
#2 David Graham - blue shirt, Mike Borsheim - sitting,
#2 Sid Sarver
#4 Mike Borsheim - dk gray shirt, David Graham - holding girl , Mike Kelley?-lt gray shirt
#5 Doug Carl-red shirt, Mike Kelley?
#6 Vic Edens - on left, Renae Williams - sitting, Paul Root - sitting on right,

Adding Names to Reunion Pictures

I've been asked by someone to add names to the reunion pictures I've posted. It will take me some time to do this, but it can be done. I just want to ask you for your help with this. I may not recognize everyone, so if I'm missing a name please let me know who it is and I'll update it.

I'll start by putting numbers by the pictures so we can identify them easier. You can either email me or post a comment under the post and I'll be sent an email of your comment.

Only 2 more years until 2009! WooHoo!!!
(Stop moaning and groaning reunion committee.)

Thanks for the help, Classmates!