Saturday, November 24, 2007

Yes, We Lost

Well, I haven't had a lot of spare time to post anything lately.

We did lose the game against Southridge. It was not a good game at all.
Southridge and Kennewick went on to the next round and both lost. So, there will be no Kennewick schools in the finals. It really would have been a good game to see 2 of them in the finals, I think.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving this week! Ours was nice.

I've been very busy trying to keep up with my crochet orders. It's a very hectic time right now, but I love it!

Only 1 1/2 years until the next reunion, Folks! Are you all thinking about what you'd like to do? Well, put on your thinking caps and let the committee know what sounds good. You can always email me directly here with your ideas. Then I can store them up for our 1st meeting sometime next year.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Still Winning!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been super busy with my crocheting and working 40 hours a week is almost doing me in. It's been a long time since I've done that. I seem to have a whole lot more going on now than I did a couple of years ago.

All of the Braves football teams were undefeated in regular season. The varsity team is in the playoffs. We are the #1 seed! WooHoo!

We played Hanford today and won 45-10. We will play Southridge next Saturday. It was a pretty warm day for the game, over 60 degrees and a light breeze was blowing.

If you want to see how any of the other teams are doing you can go to the Tri-City Herald website here: Sports

If any of you would like to post a comment, please do. I love to hear from everyone!

Have a great week!