Sunday, June 08, 2008

It's Much Cooler Now

It cooled right back down again. I don't think it's been over 70 all week. We've had some rain and lots of wind (as usual). Normally, it's very hot for graduation and it wasn't this year. I'm sure a lot of you are thankful that you didn't have to sweat to death during those ceremonies and parties.

Well, my brother is doing better. He is scheduled for a biopsy on one of the 2 spots in his brain on Thursday. Please keep him in your thoughts for a good report.

I've only heard from 3 or 4 of you about contact information or reunion stuff. Where is everyone? I know that we are all having a hard time thinking about our 30 year reunion and where did the time go, but we need to get your input.

What do you all want to do this time?

Who can help out? Let me know if you can help locate people or make arrangements.

Do we want a memory book or something like that?

Let us know what you are good at. We will need help during the next year. Even if you are not local, we can get you contact information and you can do some emails or phone calls.

Let's make this the best reunion ever!

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