Monday, September 26, 2011

Kamiakin is 4-0!

We beat Pasco, pretty badly for them. Last Friday was against Kennewick HS. They called it the game of the year before they even played! Kamiakin was ranked 5th in state and Kennewick 10th. The schools sold tickets during the day since they knew it was going to be nuts waiting in lines. The police dept. had a tailgate bbq that we attended also.

The game was a rough one for our braves. Lots of crazy calls from the ref's! I swear those ref's need to be retrained and learn the rules of the game. We've been saying this for years though. They come up with the stupidest calls and penalties. We scored a touchdown in the 2nd quarter, 7-0. 3rd quarter was still 7-0. 4th quarter was crazy! Lots of penalties, bad calls, etc. Kennewick made a touchdown and we blocked the extra point!! Score was 7-6 until 2 minutes left in the game. We made a 2nd touchdown and the final score was 14-6. What a wild game it was!! Those that missed it, missed a heck of a game. Those of us there, should have been carried out on stretchers!!

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