Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Dear Class of 1979,

> We are planning a party
> but have no money.
> Scott says pay soon
> as the checking account looks crummy.

> Karen Wilson is traveling
> all the way from Syracuse.
> Most of us won't travel that far
> What's your excuse?

> Just don't hide
> with your head in the sand.
> Sign up now
> so we can finalize our plans.

> Golfing, wine tour
> gambling and dancing.
> For all you singles
> there could be romancing.

> Class officer, athletes, drill team and color guard
> there is no time to spare.
> Band, drama and yearbook
> we should all be there.

> Ed Tinker can't make it
> that makes us sad.
> But it doesn't excuse you
> not coming would be bad.

> Jeff Morrow, our class leader,
> you have for thirty tears been missed.
> If you don't show up this time
> we will all be -very- pissed.

> There are others
> who we would like to see.
> Look for the next installment
> to see who it might be.

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