Friday, July 17, 2009

Memory Book

Oh the memories…

You know you’re a little curious to see how that old flame of your looks now. And you want to know what your best friend is up to these days and who’s a grandparent. The reunion Memory Book is your ticket…but only if everyone contributes! And, yes, that means you too. Whether or not you are able to attend the reunion July 31-Aug. 2, we want you included in the Memory Book. In the time it takes you to file the attached form away and write yourself a reminder…you could have it completed and returned along with one of those digital photos you have of yourself scanned already. We need your input by Sunday, July 19. Come on, just do it!!

This year, the Memory Book will be available on a thumb drive for only $12.

**Wine Tour
Concerning the wine tour on Saturday, we need more of you signed up for it. We have to have a minimum of 25 signed up by this Friday, July 24th or we have to cancel it. It sounds like a fun time even if you don't drink wine. Just hanging out with friends we haven't seen in years will be fun! So let us know if you want to join up. We need at least 15 more of you to sign up. Spouses and signicant others are always welcome.

The memory book form has been made into several different formats for your printing or emailing ease. Please let me know if you need a copy sent to you.

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