Saturday, November 04, 2006

Pictures from Robin

Half time performance at KaHS vs Pasco game Braves vs the Bombers 2006
Pregame Fight Song/Kamiakin vs. Pasco
Current KaHS fans. Does this kid remind anyone else of Russ Hafner?
Braves cheer team wins at the BF Fair competition. Daughters of 3 alumni on the current team. Bob Merriman's (class of 72) daughter is the one on crutches.Keith and Robin Duncan's daughter is in middlle row (bent forward) left side.
Any alumni with kids in the marching band?
current dance team - remember the squaw outfits that Debbie (Wyckoff, Linda (Green) & Renee (Luppino) wore? They were a dark burgandy suede with a gold blouse underneath. How times have changed.

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